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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  March 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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head highway and swan creek road. we will continue to follow the story and bring you any new developments as soon as we get them. jonathan: a month and a half after the woman's march in washington, organizers are planning a day without a woman coming up wednesday. alison: the protest has a local school district taking a drastic step to cancel all classes. richard reeve is following the developing story from alexandria. rich? richard: alison, a huge impact here in alexandria. school officials here say this was not an easy decision to make. but they say they have never run into something like this where they have had 300 people calling out all in one day. now these are not just 300 staffers, these are 300 teachers. so that is a big issue for this school district. the district says it has only enough substitutes to cover one-third of the vacant positions for that day. a district spokeswoman emphasizes this was not a political decision but a decision about the safety of the st
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about 15,200 students at 16 schools. the district will provide breakfast and lunch at six different schools for students. even those students who don't attend those specific schools. >> we have too many staff people requesting out. it could be on wednesday we have more whether they are given the time or not, maybe they just take it. richard: yeah, the district actually apologizing to parents for all the inconvenience. i have to tell you we talked to parents at this school and they say they will have a lot of issues on wednesday. we'll have more at 5:00. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you for that. after missteps with the first version, today president donald trump signed a travel ban. it removes iraq from the list of country. new visa are barred temporarily. iran,
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are still on the list. >> this revised order will bolster the security of the united states and her allies. >> we must undertake a rigorous review and are undertaking a rigorous review of the vetting programs to increase our confidence in the decisions we make relative to visitors and immigrants that travel to the united states. jonathan: this new order doesn't take effect until march 16. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions says when it does the department of justice will defend and enforce this order. already, it is getting plenty of criticism. jeff goldberg live in lafayette park where interfaith leaders gathered this afternoon to denounce the ban. jeff? jeff: yeah, they sure did, jonathan. calling this travel ban, travel ban 2.0. they are standing here outside the white house. in their words they are calling this a dressed up muslim ban. voices from local church, synagogues, mosques and sikh temples adding their voice to the
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similar to following the release of the first travel ban opponents saying it's discriminatory against muslims and does not enhance safety. one speaker emphatically saying we will not back down. but others applaud the president for signing the new executive order. once again it seems those for and against the travel ban plan to speak out. >> we know that this new policy is nothing more than the old muslim ban in sheep's clothing. >> i hope that it goes well. i'm thinking the second time around will be that much more effective. jeff: there are democratic leaders putting out statements opposing the travel ban. you mike remember attorney general mark herring
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of opposing this travel ban. we will have more from him on this travel ban at 50:00. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: in -- alison: in montgomery county, a man is facing charges after he pretended to be an i.c.e. officer. >> the man lives in this gaithersburg home which authorities raided to find tactical vests, body armor, a baltimore county police badge. bullets, magazine, police radio and ten guns including rifles and a shotgun. authorities now telling us that this is a multi-jurisdictional investigation with the f.b.i. involved. all new at a:00, we will tell you about the man's connection to the "washington post." kevin lewis, back to you. jonathan: get ready to grab an umbrella. steve rudin is tracking the forecast. we are getting rain. steve: a little shower activity out there.
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the ground. looking at the doppler radar. a few showers along the i-81 corridor. i won't amount to a lot. not going be a problem for the rush hour commute. let's talk about temperatures. on the cool side but not as cold as yesterday. looking at the middle to 50's across much of the region. 46 in winchester this hour. move through overnight, we will see the clouds stick around. a warm front will move across the area. the temperatures have a hard time falling by a lot. nighttime temperatures in the oh's. look to a warming trend for the day tomorrow. we will track the rain chances tomorrow afternoon into the day on wednesday. you probably heard about it by now. chances for winter's return for the weekend. more coming up in a few minutes. alison? alison: thank you very much. still to come here at 4:00, hours after two teenagers died in a crash, what one police officer said about them that got him
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jonathan: but first, a would-be robber gets more than he bargains for at a d.c. gas station. when his target just decided not to be a target.
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alison: we are back now with this video. you will want to see this. d.c. police say the guy in a dark-colored car we're going to show you here. okay, right there. the dark colored car tried
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rob the guy in the light colored car. you can see he wasn't having it. he goes after the would-be robber. they fight back and forth for a while, before he is able to get what looks like a backpack from the guy. it happened at the gas station february 19. police are asking if you recognize anyone in the video; you are asked to call police. jonathan: in omaha, a fearless hotel worker fights back against a mass attacker and helps the police track the guy down. you can see in the video, this guy is creeping around in the halls wearing a mask. that is a dead giveaway it won't work out well. after 3:00 a.m. he jumped a woman leaving a back office. the police say he tried to drag her into a bathroom. she said not going to happen. fought back. yanking the guy's mask off. get this, he comes back for the mask. right there. they get a shot of his face on the
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alison: wow! meanwhile, we will move on to the u.s. supreme court story we have been following. today they sent transgender student gavin grimm bathroom case back follower court. our mike carter-conneen just spoke with grimm and his lawyer by phone. mike, what did they have to say? mike: they say they are committed to their fought against the gloucester county school's policy denying grimm access to the boys bathroom. the lower court in its ruling cited an obama administration policy instructing public schools to allow students to use whatever bathroom corresponds with the gender identity. last month a trump administration bit drew the guidance. now the fourth circuit must again consider grimm's case and whether the federal law, specifically title ix streets gender
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as sex discrimination. grimm said he is disappointed but he doesn't care if it takes ten years. he won't give up. >> going through this in my senior year has been stressful. but for my part of things and what i have done i never wanted to be in the fight but i don't have any regrets with respect to what i have done. i think everything has been totally worth it. it's frustrating that i am in this position at all. mike: the lawyer for the school board has not commented on it. but grimm's lawyer says he expects a favorable decision from the lower court. it is unlikely to make it to the supreme court in the current term but the next term is a possibility. from the "live desk," mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. jonathan: friends, family and fans remember the man known as a walking en -- encyclopedia. he introduced movie on the network with trivia or history. robert
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alison: back at home, we have new information this afternoon after a deadly house fire in arlington. q mccray is live on the scene with the latest. what can you tell us? q: we found out an older couple lived in the house. husband and wife in their 70's that lived here for almost 30 years. they raised three kids here. the house is burned and the items on the front lawn. it happened last night. we have video to show you of the scene then. around 9:00, that is when the arlington firefighters rushed here and did the best to punt this fire out. once they got inside, they said they were slowed down in the process by clutter. to eventually they called in reinforcements and put the fire out. they found the husband dead inside the home. they also found the wife. she was still alive. she was rushed to the hospital. she is fighting for her life right now as we speak. for the home, it's a
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loss. neighbors are heart broken. >> i have known her for so long. it's one of the most horrible ways you can die. just horrible. >> diane was very sweet. and ray always stopped by our house on occasion to check up on us and always asked about the kids. q: the family was well-loved in the neighborhood. when it comes to the home, as i mentioned, it's a complete loss. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. according to the firefighters, the smoke alarms weren't working. you might notice all the debris out here, well there were reports that the couple were hoarders. we have found out that is not the case. we will have more about that coming up in the 5:00 hour. that is the latest from arlington. i'm q mccray, back to you. alison: thank you. meanwhile neighbors say the man killed when this rockville house caught fire last week
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around the house. that is because 71-year-old larry pagli was an accountant. they found wood and junk piled up outside the house. jonathan: today the firefighters celebrated the modernization of one of the busiest fire stations in downtown d.c. engine company 16 on 13th street northwest. this was built in 1932. the mayor says the crews preserve the building history and the renovations widen the bay doors to make the station much more energy efficient. created new accommodations for female firefighters. >> this is a nontraditional profession. if you are inclusive you have to build it for everybody. jonathan: the station was closed down for 14 months for the work to get done. the renovations cost $9 million. alison: all right. time for a check on the traffic situation with erik smith. hi, er
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it is a bit of a tough ride in a few spots today. this is i-95 in virginia near prince william parkway. we have a crash below prince william parkway blocking the left lane. so that is the main factor for the big delays to the fairfax county parkway. this is a messy ride for sure. a slow ride to frying pan road. the camera isn't working. jump to maryland. river road is a tough ride for both directions. expect the ongoing delays. the inner loop will continue in the extra volume heading through bethesda past georgetown road. heading toward silver spring. so this is still a tough stretch along the top side. and beyond that, the delays do clear out past georgia avenue. right now traffic is just sitting heading out of bethesda. that is all from the traffic center for now. alison, back to you. alison: thank you. it's of
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around d.c. a while longer. the washington redskins signed the coach to a two-year extension and pay him through 2020. this is actually pretty historic considering he is the first coach to ever receive an extension under owner dan snyder. since taking over threeishes ago, gruden led them to 21-26 record and one playoff berth. jonathan: how about that? congratulations. the iditarod started this morning in alaska with a big change. they had to make a change. organizers had to change the course because it wasn't enough snow. scratch your head on that one. the race normally starts in willow north of anchorage. this year it started farther north in fairbanks. this is the second time in three years that the course changed because of a warmer than normal winter. that is a grueling race. steve: you look at the map, that is not big of a change. if you consider how huge alaska is, that is a big, big change. jonathan: tell that to the dogs. steve: exactly. they love it. alison: we know
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winter around here but it's been pretty cold. steve: 1.4 inches of snow. that is it. we could be -- i need to stress "could be" -- looking at the potential for snow or wintry weather this weekend. new blog going up on in the hour. so be sure to check there. talk about the current and the near future. it's better than what is potentially on the way for the weekend. alison: you are really hedging. choosing your words carefully. steve: i feel like a politician here. 53 in warrenton. 512 in culpeper. 53 at andrews air force base. for tonight, 42 to 48 degrees as we move through the overnight. muesli cloudy skies out there. heading through the day tomorrow the temperatures are in the upper 60's. a bit on the cloudy side. breezy. we will see the showers develop in the late afternoon and in the evening hours. a few may linger tomorrow night to wednesday morning.
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the temperatures in the 40's and the 50ed. this evening we have temperatures around 50 at 7:00. it's not falling a lot because we have a warm front. that will lift north tonight. keep us on the milder side of things. a warmer day tomorrow. a lot of this is not reaching the ground. don't be surprised if you see sprinkles as you are out and about for this evening. if you have outdoor plans you will be fine. 40 overnight and waking up tomorrow morning. in the 40's again. 43 in college park. fairfax around 45. tomorrow morning is dry around the capital beltway. the further north along the mason dixon line you have a better chance to see showers. later in the day the afternoon hours to the evening, scattered shower will overspread the area. hit or miss in the dinnertime hour. just enough to
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hour commute to slow down a bit. for tomorrow, upper 60's for the daytime highs. tomorrow we see a best chance of the shower activity later in thedy. the cold front to arrive on wednesday. it will become breezy. the temperatures will fall. for the weekend we could look at the wintery weather but a lot will hinge on the track of the potential system. snow or a mix of snow and rain. all rain. or nothing at all. it's only monday. this is later in the weekend. the ten-day outlook. cool on thursday. upper 40's friday. we spring ahead for the daylight saving time on saturday. early sunday morning. we lose an hour of sleep but we gain more daylight. the sunset is after 7:00. cooler by next week. we will track the system all week long to keep you updated on
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jonathan: already springing ahead. steve: can you believe it? i love it! jonathan: still ahead for us at 4:00, a tradition to prove good luck is anything but lucky for the turtle. >> the high school is celebrating something this year. all 189 of the seniors did something they have never done before. i'm sam ford. i will tell you what next on abc7 news. announcer: countdown to spring brought to you by --
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jonathan: putting the spotlight on education. at first at a d.c. high school. the entire senior class is taking steps to a higher education. >> one, two, three. sam: avid is the name of the college prep classes at the d.c. blue high school. these are freshmen. >> what were the goals you wrote down? sam: because of classes like this and a school wide college push, something unusual happened in the inner city school. >> we have the seniors and we are just waiting for the
4:24 pm
sam: senior donaldson. >> i am looking at three schools. north carolina and coppin state. sam: will all of the 189 seniors be going to college this year? of course not. but more will be thinking about it. >> the senior -- >> some want to go to the military. a lot want to go to college. >> it has sponsored more trips to the east coast colleges. the classes are there. >> why not create an elective class where we talk about college. sam: more juniors took the s.a.t. this year than last. >> this is not just one class but the entire building is shifting to college. sam: i'm sam ford, abc7 news. alison: wow! jonathan: fantastic. alison: wonderful. we have a great partnership with them and we are so proud of
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alison: the world looks so brand new. for one 10-year-old boy after experimental glasses changed his life. he was born color blind with the inability to experience color. but they did research and found a company making glasses for people with his condition. 50% chance they would work. when he put them on, everything changed. >> it was instant. i knew right away something had changed. how bright everything was. it was colorful. i never have seen the colors but i kind of knew what they were. it was awesome. >> wow! >> the video is emotional. there have been a lot of firsts since he got the glasses, including seeing his first
4:26 pm
well spent. great story. jonathan: did you notice at the beginning he had an orange cast and right there he had the white cast. playing games on him. good stuff. coming up for us at 4:00. the white house defending the president's claim that his predecessor tapped his phone at trump tower. >> a makeshift memorial is growing where two teens were killed in a horrific car crash. now an officer is in trouble for posting about it on isjust wanna see ifa again? my score changed... you wanna check yours? scores don't change that much. i haven't changed. oh, really? ♪ it's girls' night
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: an officer with the charles county sheriff office suspended for what he wrote about the two teenagers who died in this terrible crash in waldorf. this was last friday. ryan hughes is live in waldorf to explain what happened. ryan? ryan: that facebook post sparking outrage in this community. so many people raw with emotion after the accident. you can see behind me the makeshift memorial growing throughout the weekend. people stopping by this afternoon. you can still see pieces of grass from the car and pieces of the plastic scattered around
4:30 pm
show you the scene from friday. horrific scene. two teenagers from west lake high school 17-year-old colin bipat and 17-year-old desmond cooke were pronounced dead on scene after the car wrapped around the utility pole. it happened near the intersection of smallwood drive and st. nicholas drive. authorities say speed was a factor. what is troubling is hours after the crash, officer rob glover made a post on the facebook page and he wrote, "expletive. shouldn't have been driving that fast." today glover was suspended with pay and the post igniting outrage. >> to see it from a person we are supposed to look up to in the community hurts. >> ehad no need to comment on it. because he doesn't understand what their families are going through. >> he is a 20-year veteran with the sheriff office. today the sheriff himself
4:31 pm
showing strong words regarding the facebook post. we will have that part of the story at 6:00. for now, we are live in waldorf. ryan hughes, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. that crash was just one of three deadly crashes in charles county on friday. perry was killed when her car jumped a curb and hit a tree. then before midnight proctor was killed when his car hit a tree on st. peters church road. he was a son of one of the victims of the navy yard shootings. alison: governor terry mcauliffe signed off on plans to name a bridge in newport news after a state trooper killed in the line of duty. chad dermyer was shot and killed last year. the bridge bearing his name carries route 143 over interstate 64. jonathan: toss it back to weather. it is chilly. if you look around the part of the country getting the snow and the wind chill, we don't have a lot to deal w
4:32 pm
steve: the magnolia trees were full bloom on friday and now they are looking nasty. outside we go. cool out there. but comfortable. it's early march. 53 at warrenton. it's 40's north and west with us. hagerstown town is registering in at 49. there is not enough to cause any significant travel delays for the evening rush hour commute. to the weeing of us, hagerstown, there is heavier rain at this time. but not super heavy but enough to welt the pavement through the evening. closer to town, upper 40's to 50 degrees. showers here and there. if you have anywhere to go, grab an umbrella to stay on the drive time of things. you won't need it a lot. tonight 42 to 43. mostly cl
4:33 pm
the future cast looks like this. tomorrow, cloudy skies along the capital beltway. moving to the late afternoon hours and in the evening, the widespread showers will develop. they are likely to slow us down tomorrow evening. then all of this is out of here on wednesday morning. cooler air will overspread the region. highs tomorrow are milder than today. upper 60's. depending how much sunshine we see, we could see it flirt to the 70 degree mark through the afternoon hours. 65 on wednesday. we spring ahead for one hour on daylight saving time for the weekend. jonathan: now a developing story concerning the trump administration. all the buzz this weekend as members of the intelligence community want the record set straight on president trump's wiretapping allegations. as kenneth moton reports f.b.i. director james comey coming forward claiming behind the scenes the president's tweets are false. >> the f.b.i. and the justice
4:34 pm
trump's unsubstantiated twitter claims. behind the scenes, sources tell abc news james comey wants the record set straight. trump's allegation that obama wiretapped him is false. >> does trump accept the f.b.i. director's denial. >> i don't think he does, george. >> trump appears to be relying on reports from conservative news. >> i think there is no question that something happened. the question is it surveillance, wiretap or whatever? there has been enough reporting to suggest something occurred. >> still no evidence to back up the claim. the white house calling for congressional investigation. trump may get one. >> this stuff does happen and it's not necessarily done the legal lawful way. so yeah, we take a look. >> chaffetz provided no proof and said he had seen nothing to present the claim. the former director of international intelligence -- >> i can sa
4:35 pm
wiretap against trump tower in the campaign. there is evidence to merit justifying a wiretap to a court. >> let me be clear. it is impossible for the president to order a wiretap on a united states citizen. >> there is a strict process in place for a wiretap. kenneth moton, abc7 news. alison: a rally for support and unity after a sikh man was shot in his driveway in the seattle area as the man was out working on the car. police say another man approached him in his driveway and told him to go back to his country and shot him in the arm. members are speaking out against the violence. >> we cannot accept that. we have to do something about it.
4:36 pm
we cannot live in hate. we want to live here. we belong here. alison: police are searching for the gunman. the victim is a u.s. citizen. jonathan: coming up for here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the billboard that raised eyebrows with what it said about women is replaced by a new message that some say really isn't much better. alison: while what seems like the world waits for the giraffe to give birth, the spooks are starting -- the spoofs are starting. you will see one of our favorit
4:37 pm
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jonathan: we showed you this last month that said, "real men provide. real women appreciate it." now a new billboard is there calling the criticism of the first one much ado about nothing and seems to mock critics. >> the one thing holding us back in the society are the people not being passionate to others and i stead turning to name calling and the advertising for more seg ra gation. >> the organization that bought the space does not want to be identified.
4:40 pm
up a billboard of their own to read "people of quality don't fear equality." >> i was ten minutes pointed to a male colleague saying he is wearing flat shoes. alison: now the issue is up for debate in british parliament. we told you about nick la thorpe who started a petition to get the law changed in england after being told her nalty shoes were inappropriate for work at a london finance firm. today parliament debated a ban to make it mandatory for women to wear high heels at work. they did not pass a ban, they called on the employers to stop making the mandatory high heels part of the corporate dress code. jonathan: can you imagine? alison: no. jonathan: how do you tough your toes in that point anyway? actress emma watson fighting back. she recently did a photo shoot
4:41 pm
in one she is posing in a crocheted white top that shows part of her breasts but critics say she betrayed the feminine ideals. but the star of "beauty and the beast" said the critics misunderstand what feminism is. alison: a woman goes into labor on the back of an uber on busy highway. that is not the worst part of the story. find out how a quick-thinking police officer made every second count. >> i'm cheryl conner at dulles international airport. talking to passengers about the new patdown procedure that some say is too invasive. the story coming up.
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alison: a lot of people toss coin in a fountain for luck but this sea turtle ate 915 coins tossed in her pool over the years. so this morning they had to operate to remove 11 pounds of them. they can live for 80 years and many people believe
4:45 pm
longer life. jonathan: worth a lot of money. the transportation security administration wants to get more rigorous with the patdowns to make sure that no one is trying to pull a fast one to get on the plane. cheryl conner has reaction. >> she got a t.s.a. patdown before flying to dulles international airport to see her family in sudan five days ago. >> they checked everywhere. even my private area. >> she says they chose her randomly as she went through security. now she and the other passengers are learning about a pat down procedure that some call more intimate. t.s.a. says the agents have one standard instead of choosing from five options. brandon doesn't mind the change.
4:46 pm
they say it does no include any new areas of the body. it can include head coverings and sensitive areas. the family appreciates the measures. even kathryn who is pregnant with the third child. >> i'm safer if they pat me down. >> i fly with my daughter and my family. >> the change comes a few years after a report on the t.s.a. finding some officers missed guns and other weapons in the screenings. the patdown happens when a traveler opts out of the standard technology. if an alarm goes off on the machine or at random. >> feel like i'm doing something wrong. >> at dulles international airport, cheryl conner, abc7 news. alison: well, adele and her long-time partner are making things official. the singer confirmed over the weekend they are married now. she hint
4:47 pm
weeks ago and even thanked her husband at the grammy awards last month. they have a 4-year-old son. queen b shared new photos of the baby bump online today. she posted a series of pictures with her husband, with the 5-year-old daughter. they were going to the premier of "beauty and the beast." the singer is expecting twins. but she has not said when they are due. jonathan: talking about babies. delivering babies is it no in a police officer's job description. but don't tell it to a brooklyn officer who came to the aid of a mother in labor in the back of an uber car in a crowded bridge. the baby was breach and motionless. but he used to work as a paramedic so he calmed the mother down and went to work. >> i got to create an air space for the baby to breathe on its own.
4:48 pm
umbilical cord. then i realize the baby started to gasp for air and started to move. >> he saved the baby's life. the mother and the baby are both healthy and recovering. the highway division treated out the photo of the mother, the beautiful newborn and the officer. you couldn't have asked for a better officer to pull over. i happen to be a paramedic and i can take care of this. alison: he was calm enough to know what to do. >> another medical group speaking of babies is joining a growing cor hus. experts are advising the parents of the newborns to wait before cutting the cord. the american congress of the obstetricians and the gynecologists says the cord should not be cut between 30 and 60 seconds after birth. the babies can benefit from the nutrient and the blood from mom to baby. jonathan: crissy
4:49 pm
people to know that post partum depression can happen to anyone. the model opens up about her struggles in the new issue of "glamour" magazine. she gave birth to a daughter last april. she siz she was diagnosed in december. >> she knows she has a perfect life. >> the c.d.c. says that one in nine women experience post partum depression. she lost her appetite. couldn't sleep. was always upset and felt like she couldn't leave the house. alison: people are still watching and waiting for april, the giraffe to give birth to the calf. she was due last monday. the web stream has ainteracted millions of viewers in the last few weeks.
4:50 pm
a link on our website jonathan: she is probably saying c'mon, move it. alison: i am feeling for the giraffe. jonathan: let's go. the wait is over in denver for folks excited about the soar's baby giraffe. dobby made the public debut. look how cute he is. initially having trouble standing up and nursing. veterinarians did a plasma transfusion to boost the immune system and he has gained ten pounds in the last four days and he looks fantastic on his feet. alison: what a cutie. >> he is. alison: so people loves or hate the pregnant giraffe. but a woman is having fun with it. she is also pregnant. look what she did. she donned a giraffe mask and tapedded herself wandering around the bedroom. if you are wondering she
4:51 pm
she is a big fan of april the giraffe. she loves the waiting game in new york. giraffes don't do jumping jacks. alison: that is clever. passing the time. steve: have you watched it at all? alison: not really. jonathan: i gave it 30 seconds. alison: i watched it last weekend. steve: i watched it this weekend. i keep hopingly see something. alison: you think you want to see that. i'm not sure. steve: i went to youtube to watch the one that already happened. jonathan: mom looks bored. alison: maybe you missed your calling as a veterinarian. steve: i think i will pass. 54 in leaseburg. fredericksburg is close to 60 degrees. show you storm watch 7 satellite and radar. showers at
4:52 pm
we are looking at the heavier rain. if you have plans keep the umbrella handy. closer to the d.c. metro. the temperatures won't fall a lot. uper 40's tonight. the nighttime lows 42 to 48 degrees. tomorrow a change in wind direction will go a long, long way. depending how much sunshine we see in the afternoon, some areas may be close to 70. then a cold front on the way. the cooler air on the ten-day outlook. upper 50's by thursday. upper 40's on friday. not only do we spring ahead for daylight saving time but we could look at a round of wintery weather to
4:53 pm
fresh blog coming up on shortly and then cool for next week. check on traffic. monday afternoon moving in the evening hours. erik smith. erik: that is going to be busy. but it looks better here. the crash cleared past prince william parkway. as a result, north of prince william park way the delays are improving. it is still heavy but through dale city that is a better ride. to maryland, northbound 270 crawling past gaithersburg at 124. same story past clarksburg. it's all volume to add to the mess. heading to the university boulevard. the crash moved to the shoulder has delays in virginia. we will see a few more delays here. but it is crawling along.
4:54 pm
center for now. on to jonathan. jonathan: thank you. coming up for us next, newer cars say you can go further without an oil change. "7 on your side" to clear up the confusion so you
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4:56 pm
larry: if you have a newer car, have you changed the oil yet? consumer reporter john matarese looks into whether it's a good idea to wai
4:57 pm
waste your money. john: remember the 3,000-mile oil change rule? that is gone. some cars drive 10,000 or more between changes. is that a good idea? ask five drives how often to have the cars oil change and you will get five answers. >> every 3,000. >> six months. >> we found john and his daughter waiting on an oil change for the pickup truck. that is supposed to go 10,000 miles. >> he is not so sure. you check the oil and it's black. >> what is confusing is you have oil change shop temming you one thing, the handbook telling you another and the dashboard light telling you something else. the shop co-owner says he has
4:58 pm
long. >> some of the vehicles coming in at 10,000 miles and the oil that is left of it, i don't recommend it. >> he suggests that most change it 5,000 to 6,000 miles. he says even with the new synthetic oil he wouldn't go a year or longer. >> when in doubt change the oil. >> you can go by the manufacturer's recommendations. the car will last longer if you change it sooner so you don't waste your money. larry: tonight, only on 7:00. investigators raid a man's home to find body armor and a uniform that strikes fear in undocumented immigrants. local faith leaders sound off about travel ban 2.0. no snow but still no school.
4:59 pm
surprise announcement. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: first tonight a frightening arrest. a man pretending to be a federal agent and identifying a vest as immigration and custom enforcement. this is a story you will only see on 7. >> multiple sources confirm he works as an i.t. engineer at the "washington post." for reasons unknown he picked suburban falls church as a background for the fantasy world as an ice agent. >> federal and local authorities say osterman impersonated an ice agent. throughout falls church on number of occasions. he allegedly attempted to enforce criminal laws wearing a bulletproof vest with i.c.e. insignia similar to this one. last month,t
5:00 pm
montgomery county s.w.a.t. team and the police raided his home. they recovered seven handguns, two assault rifles, body armor, tactical vest, bullets, baltimore county police badge and working police radio. they confirm he works as an i.t. engineer at the "washington post." so far no response from the newspaper. today, no one answered his front door but then this man got in a honda civic in the back valley. >> do you live in this home? do you know mr. osterman? >> what do you want, man? >> we are here because osterman -- >> the residents perplexed by the allegations.


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